Alcoholism is called “ism” because it is alive and functioning and needs to be treated. We discuss here strictly the disease as it manifests in each of our own personal lives. The way our behavior is this day. The way we react or look at people, places and things.

We do not talk about drunkalogues, yesterday’s problems or blaming other people. We talk only about looking inwardly, describing how self behaves In the day that we are in.

There are over 20 Prime Time AA meetings in the Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley areas.  Please go the PRIMETIME MEETING SCHEDULE tab for information.


  1. ur mtg sounds great! no yesterday or drunkalouges. So is ur mtg sort of a 10 step to review or day? thank u scott

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your comment, Scott. We focus on alcoholism, ego & self in the day we’re in and Steps 1, 2 and 3. Besides the Big Book and the 12 and 12, we use Emmett Fox’s Sermon on the Mount and the Tiebout Papers (which we have a link to on our site).
    Please listen to some of the speakers posted on the site and you will get a better idea. We will post new speakers as we go along.

  3. kelley decker says:

    Are there primetime mtgs in orange county? Just moved back to orange cty from bel air.

  4. melinda m says:

    are there prime time meetings in las vegas?

  5. admin says:

    Hello Melinda,
    Not that I know of. If anyone knows of any PT meetings in the Las Vegas area, could you please post a comment on the board?
    Thank you!

  6. Ron says:

    can you tell me if you are authorized by AA world services?

  7. alisha says:

    i love the “ism” message…but what about athiests? been in recovery 10+ years and still don’t believe in anything supernatural..does this work in primetime?

  8. “Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” Doesn’t say anything about anything supernatural… but it does suggest an open mind.

  9. Denny B says:

    I have 9 days and I went to my 1st meeting last night on Dickens St. I knew no one but the message I heard was powerful. I am anxious to go tonight..Thank you.

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