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2014 Women and Men’s Primetime Retreats in November!

Winter 2014 girls front

Winter 2014 girls back

Winter 2014 boys front

Winter 2014 boys back

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The purpose of the Primetime AA meetings is to talk about the reason to come to Alcoholics Anonymous; to expose alcoholism not just as a word, but as a living mind-powered disease; how the disease appears and functions in our lives today in order to deepen our awareness of what we are up against.

Alcoholism is called “ism” because it is alive and functioning and needs to be treated. We discuss here strictly the disease as it manifests in each of our own personal lives. The way our behavior is this day. The way we react or look at people, places and things.

We do not talk about drunkalogues, yesterday’s problems or blaming other people. We talk only about looking inwardly, describing how self behaves In the day that we are in.

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