Meeting Listing Policy

If you are interested in listing your meeting on our website, we ask that you adhere to the following:

  • You should encourage your participants to
    • Not talk about their drunkalogues, yesterday’s problems or blaming other people
    • Focus on Alcoholism, Ego and Self and the first three steps (The rest of the steps are “on topic” too. It’s a matter of focus.)
    • Stay in the solution: a Higher Power that can restore us to sanity in the present moment.
  • One way to do this is to read the Primetime Preamble at the beginning of your meeting:

    “The purpose of this meeting is to talk about the reason to come to Alcoholics Anonymous; to expose alcoholism not just as a word but as a living, mind powered disease; how the disease appears and functions in our lives today in order to deepen our awareness of what we are up against Alcoholism is called “ism” because it is alive and well and needs to be treated. We discuss here strictly the disease as it applies to each of our own personal lives; the way our behavior is this day; the way we react or look at people, places and things. We do not talk about our drunkalogues, yesterday’s problems or blaming other people. We talk only about looking inwardly, describing how self behaves in the day we are in.”
  • Your meeting must be an AA meeting, or a literature study based on books of interest to our fellowship. These include standard AA literature and works by Bob Anderson, Harry Tiebout and Emmet Fox.

Some optional services and suggestions:.

  • If your meeting is on Zoom, we can host your meeting on our Zoom account. If you want to use your own account, that’s fine too.
  • If you record your meetings, we can post those on our website as well. Recording is optional at all times. See our Recordings Policy for more details.
  • We’d appreciate it if you would post our contribution links at each meeting in your seventh tradition announcement. This is especially true if you use our infrastructure for Zoom or for recordings, which cost us to maintain.


Meetings affiliated with the Primetime is Now fellowship are autonomous, but we do insist on the first bulleted list above in order to be listed on our site. If you are interested in being listed, you can send an email to asking for more information. Someone will get back to you  to discuss your interest. You can also attend one of our general business meetings on Zoom. The next GBM information is always posted on our website here