Zoom Secretaries and Hosts

If you are a secretary, co-secretary or host on a Primetime meeting, and you are using our Zoom account, we have a way to get your meeting’s “host key” to you, which you can use to become the Zoom host when you login to your meeting. (Jump to claiming host on Zoom.)

Getting Access for the First Time

  1. First, you must already be listed in our database as a secretary or host. (You may already be there. Give these instructions a try and send email to it_primetime@googlegroups.com if you have trouble.)
  2. Go to https://secretaries.primetimeisnow.com

  3. Put your email address in the Email box
  4. Put anything you want – or nothing – in the Password box
  5. Click the “Login” button
  6. Give it a minute, then open your email. Look for a message from “NO REPLY – lPTDB” (It might be in your SPAM folder.)

  7. Click on the link in the email to reset your password.

  8. Fill out the password reset form, then follow the link to the login page. This time, enter your email and new password.

  9. You should see the welcome page.

  10. Access your host keys by clicking the “Your Meetings” link.

Claiming Host on Zoom

Now that you have your host key, you are ready to claim the host role on your meeting.

  1. Login to your meeting with the Zoom App:

  2. Select the “Participants” link on the bottom row. If you don’t see it, you may have to select the “More” menu item.

  3. Toward the bottom of the participants window, click the button to “Claim Host.”

    Note that this will only show up if there is not already a host on the meeting.

  4. Enter your host key

  5. Click “Claim” and you’re done.

When the Host Key Changes (and it will.)

When the host key for a meeting is changed, the system looks up the meeting secretary, co-secretary and/or host and sends them email alerting them of the change. They can then log in as above and check out the new host key. Make sure you mark email from no-reply@primetimeisnow.com as “not SPAM” so you can receive these alerts.