Bob Anderson

At two and a half years sober Bob A realized that he was in a serious dilemma. That is, he was the same man sober as he was drunk. Although sober he thought and acted the same way. He was still mean and mad. He also realized that no matter how hard he tried or how much he vowed to change, he repeated the same performance. He was still irritable, restless and discontented. He was not happy, joyous and free in the day he was in. Nobody ever explained to him the disease of alcoholism and that lack of power is the dilemma. They would say, “keep coming back, eventually you’ll become a winner.”

They would talk about how they lost their house, their jobs or whatever they lost and how they got a new house, their job back and whatever else, but nobody would talk about the in between. Nobody would describe how the alcoholic mind functioned and how untreated alcoholism manifested into an unmanageable life. On a search to resolve his dilemma, Bob began a search for an answer. Through trial and error, he became aware of how alcoholism, ego and self functioned in the day he was in. He found that the alcoholic lacks the power to live to good purpose, because he lost the power of choice in thinking, not just in drinking. He also found a way of life in which he could treat this disease and change, daily, through the application of the 12 Step Recovery Program.

Once Bob found this way of life, he devoted over 35 years of his life to teaching the 12 Step Program of Recovery. He has helped and continues to help thousands of alcoholics to recover, from all over the world through his works. Over the last twenty years of his life, he conducted numerous meetings, workshops and three-day retreats. These meetings, workshops and retreats were recorded. Some of these recordings are available in the library, under the Bob Anderson category  A partial index to those recordings is also available here, for your convenience.

A few recordings are also available at

In May of 1992, one of the first such retreats was captured on video. It’s
available on the sidebar, or here.

In December of 1992, Bob Anderson led a retreat. A transcript was made and edited by Bob and others. It’s available here.  Printable PDF version.