Recordings Policy

Many Primetime meetings record their speakers and/or sharing for publication on the website. The following policies have been adopted  to guide the recordings and their dissemination on this site,

  • Whether or not to record a given meeting is entirely up to the individual meeting’s group conscience. 
  • Whether or not to record a given speaker is entirely up to that individual speaker.
  • An individual speaker has the right to ask that their recordings be taken down from our website.
  • We do not restrict redistribution of recordings. This doesn’t imply that a speaker gives up their rights in a recording by virtue of posting it here.
  • If a meeting decides to publish recordings on our site, they should include statements such as the following suggested language in their preambles, depending on their individual policies:
    • If you record at all:
      “The audio portion of this  meeting is recorded and shared on the website. We do not restrict redistribution of our recordings, so they travel all over the world. For this reason, we strongly discourage the use of profanity. Video is not recorded.”
    • If you record your speaker:
      “Main speakers have the right to elect not to be recorded.”
    • If you record your shares
      “If you don’t wish to be recorded, please don’t share”
      “Participants can ask that the recording be paused while they share.”
  • Meetings are free to decide on their own recording policy. The language above is suggestive only, showing a range of possible policies.