General Business Meetings

The Primetime Is Now fellowship holds regular business meetings to discuss matters pertaining to affiliated meetings and interested members. The “group conscience” of this meeting is used to guide the fellowship’s direction and decision making. The General Business Meeting is held online using Zoom, and is open to all members of the Primetime Fellowship. The next scheduled GBM information is posted on this page on a regular basis. We look forward to seeing you at the next GBM!

DateTimeMeeting IDPasswordLink
 August 25, 202410:00 AM Pacific Time834 3866 3064primetimeOne Touch Link
Minutes from September 23, 20232023-09-23-General-Business-Meeting-Minutes.pdf
Minutes from December 10, 20232023.12.10-General-Business-Meeting-Minutes.pdf
Minutes from January 14, 20242024.01.14-General-Business-Meeting-Minutes.pdf
Agenda for April 7, 20242024.04.07-General-Business-Meeting-Agenda.pdf